How to Design the Logo

When we talk about a famous brand, the first thing that comes to mind is its logo. The logo is the most important component of any brand. A logo must be appropriate, pleasing, attractive and should reflect the credibility of Company. An effective logo sets the public image of your brand, and therefore should be designed with careful thought and creativity. Designing a log for your own web site or company  is really an enriching experience. Your logo is a visual representation of everything your company stands for.

Now that you know what a logo is supposed to do, and what it should represent; you now should move ahead to learn what makes a great logo. You should learn few basic rules and principles of effective logo designing. Before you begin sketching, first decide, what message you want to give from your logo to viewers. Try writing that message and mission statement of your  company to help in deciding the look of your logo. Now think around this message and then visualize the logo, which appeals you first.

Here are some additional tactics and considerations that will help you create an appropriate company logo:

Dependency Injection and Aspect Oriented Programming

Inversion of Control (IOC), Dependency Injection (DI) and Aspect Oriented Programming are three popular keywords in Software Designing and Programming. But these terms are quite confusing to others and to each others some time. Let us try to understand what are these terms and how these are used.

If we think about Inversion of Control, it seems like we are changing the flow of control from, and a new King is coming in picture who will control all the flow now onward. Actually it is right. Earlier when we have started with Procedural programming, we tend to have control at single point. Later when we shift to OOP, we did better by decentralizing the logic and hence the control also to respective object. However, as we move on, we still find something missing which was hard coding of object dependencies on each other. If anytime, we need to change the implementation of a specific object, it means that we need to change the code and it may probably have some impact on implementation style. Then we strive hard to find the solution for providing such flexibility in the application and devised various design patterns like Service Locator, and Factory Pattern etc.This gave us good solutions by keeping knowledge of actual object implementation away from user object and hence gives the flexibility to change the implementation at any point of time. Things moves well, and applications used to be more and more flexible in design with increased use of such design patterns. However, one end of control was still in the hand of user object. It was still aware and the one who will initiate the factory or service locator to further get the right implementation of service. But desirable stage was, when user object is just aware about type of service it wants, not the source and actual instance of this service.....

How to Fix Common Installation Problems for Connectify

Connectify is a nice free solution to make your computer a Wi-Fi hot-spot. Sharing the internet from your computer sometimes become a basic need, like, if you are at home and your family want to explore the internet, or you are on a trip and won't like to purchase multiple modems to share the internet with your fellows. In such kind of scenarios, Connectify helps you to achieve exactly what you want. It can make your computer a hot-spot and other computers can connect to it like a Wi-Fi proxy server and can enjoy the internet.

Connectify ( is a free software, however, recently a professional version has also been released which will brings some commercial benefits to the company. This progress shows that Connectify development should be active in future also. So it may be a dependable software for long term.

Installing Connectify is easy. The steps are given below:

Is Micromanagement a Right Management Style?

This is a conflicting topic. However let us start from a generic concept which is, everything is good and bad both, and the difference comes only with context. So any thing can be bad at one point for few people, however can be good at the same time for others. Same applies to Micromanagement also.

What is micro and macro management? Management is about planning, execution and delivering the desired results with given resources in given time. Macro management is when you believe in your team and manage them considering their skills. If you bank upon the skills of your team members, and try to nourish their skills by giving proper guidance with a desired level of challenges, you will never feel like to go in details of every aspect of execution. Rather, you would like to spend your time on more productive work items, like planning the things which your team can not do, or other important activities like client management, resource management, and strategical planning. It does not mean to loose control on project, Project Control is an important aspect of Management. However, micro-management is about managing every aspect of execution yourself. Where team does not have the rights to take even execution level decisions and every new step is blocked for your approval. Where you are spending most of your time on what the team is doing and how this is being implemented, rather than to devote your time on other activities matching to your skills like planning for future. Such environment shows the lack of confidence in team, or manager expectations are very high from team and she thinks that work can not be done perfectly till she participate herself. This could be the personality traits of an individual or some kind of insecurity feeling or could be the control freak.