Improve Productivity with these Desktop and Mobile Tools

Productivity, improvement in efficiency is quite a hot mantra nowadays to be successful and to achieve the growing number of goals. With the fast moving life, demanding expectations, people are in continuous pressure to improve what they are doing now, to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, and to remember many things which they need to complete in a day or probably in few days. Won't you feel, sometime our mind gets exhausted with this sea of information and tasks. However, to meet the expectations, we have to manage it. Managing information, planning ahead, scheduling, remembering the schedule and then execute it, is the key to success. But one point is certainly clear that we need some help to manage this bulk information and tasks etc. So how should we do that? Are we talking about having a personal secretary.. sort of :). But everyone can not afford to hire a personnel for this management. So.....

Alternative good solution, in this high tech world, is to use available productivity and hobbies related tools on mobile phone and desktop computers. There are many good tools available on phones and in browsers which can actually help us to manage our day, to manage our task list, schedules, alarms, goals and can keep us updated for all information which we want. Now the need is to identify these and utilize these properly. We have explored and used few tools as need arises, which we are sharing here if these can help. These are very simple tools and many people must be using these. These can give a good start to the beginners.

Let us start from desktop. On desktop if you are using or can use Chrome Browser, following tools can definitely help you. These are:

Google Calendar: It helps you to schedule your events. Events can be one time, or recurring. It has good facility to schedule as per requirements. Moreover, there are various ways to remind you for these events like

  1. It can send you email before any pre-defined interval. It can actually send multiple mails at multiple time gaps.
  2. It can send you the daily agenda as per your calendar event schedule
  3. It can send you SMS on your register phone number
  4. It can show you alert on your computer screen, if Google calendar is opened in browser

Isn't that great to have reminders for all of your events beforehand, and moreover, you can define the reminder's frequency and style. That is actually like having a personal assistant, who reminds you for every event you want to be reminded for. You can access it anywhere anytime, even on your mobile wherever you are.