New Version 3.1 of ExpressionOasis Released

New version 3.1 of ExpressionOasis has been released.

Release Notes: 

  1. Grammar class is made configurable now. Developers can implement custom Grammar class and can specify this in configuration. ExpressionOasis will pick this at runtime. 
  2. Made grammar.xml path configurable by exporting it to config.xml
  3. Improved code of ExpressionFactory to improve the performance
  4. Defined new way to add function definition by providing new API in Grammar interface 
  5. Exposed Grammar through ExpressionEngine Class, so that user can get the metadata if required and also can add specific metadata like custom function identification etc
  6. Added three new String operation expressions > startsWith, endsWith, contains (Contribution by Girish Kumar) 
  7. Made config.xml path configurable from System Property (Contribution by Girish Kumar)
  8. Improved documentation
In case of any issue or any new requirement, please log it here. If you are extending the framework to add new features, please consider to contribute these back to the project. It will help everybody whosoever is using the ExpressionOasis.

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