Struts Brief

Struts ( is a MVC framework and is used to implement the web application in Java using MVC design pattern. Struts provide a complete framework to divide the web tier in Model, View and Controllers.
  • Struts provide action base classes to implement the controller at Web Tier, which will accept the request, call the business layer for required data or processing and will forward it to right view.
  • Form Beans, defined by Struts framework, carry the data.
  • JSP or HTML pages act as view. Controller i.e. action classes call business layer for data processing, set these as parameters in request/session and forward the request to view i.e. JSP or HTML page.

Class to override to make an action: org.apache.struts.action.Action

ActionForward - Override execute method in extended class to forward the request to some other page.

Use Case Brief

A use case is a description of something that a system does in response of any request from any other automated system or actor.

How to write:

  1. We should write the use cases in business terms, not technical ones.
  2. Any business person should be able to understand the use cases without the help of any technical personal.
  3. Technical design assumptions should not be made at this stage.
  4. Use cases can also serve as a contract between business and development sides of any organisation.
  5. Use case text should begin with "The system (or application) will". If a use case can not be started like this, it means it is either not a valid use case or is a part of another use case.
  6. Explicitly list all the affected actors in the use case.