What is Project Scope Management

Project Scope Management is a very important topic in Project Management and probably one of the most ignored topic as well. As per a recent survey in last years, the successfully completed projects are only 34% of the total projects, and the major reason of failure is the scope creep. Most of the Project Managers knows the taste of grief which is caused by Scope Creep. Still we get stuck into this trap, as we mostly have to work on assumptions, but we skip to define these assumptions properly or communication gap creates a huge gap in expectation as well.

Scope is bound to change in most of the cases, however that is not the reason of grief if we manage the scope properly. We need to understand the importance of Scope Definition and Scope Control.

Project Scope Management Plan: Scope Management Plan is a plan about, how Scope will be managed throughout the life of project. It defines:

  • How and where the scope will be defined
  • What approach will be followed to decompose the functionalities.
  • What will be the process to accept/reject any new change coming in the scope
  • How a new accepted change will be managed and integrated with other part of the project