Thank You Mentors

When I started moving in professional career, I came to know about term 'Mentor'. Wondering what it is, I found that many of the people were talking about being mentored by various great personalities. And it is said to be a great opportunity to learn and grow. I was not even aware about it, hence I started feeling insecure and kind of left out. Am I not worthy enough or I am not looking for one. Why I haven't found one so far..

However, eventually I found that it is not always the single person who comes in formally, wearing a hat of 'Mentor' and bestow her blessings. Rather, it could be more than one people who keep sharing their wisdom and experience informally with us, either intentionally taking interests in us or casually just sharing few hints from their wisdom and life experiences.

At the age of 19, when I joined my first job to manage a mechanical workshop of 20 people, I found it very difficult to deal with people who are much older and experienced than me. Then my senior 'Dinesh Sharma' hold my hand and said, "You have to be bold and confident to deal with them. Also, Understanding their context, Respecting everybody and Integrity in yours 'words and action' is an important ingredient to manage the talent". And that lecture worked for me.

My few first days as Software Engineer, I was completely lost in a whole new world. People around me were using terminologies which were unknown to me. I was feeling like I don't know anything, especially when anybody comes to you and said, "Hey, you are working on this since morning.. that is 2 hour job if you use xxxxx". I got a supportive voice from Vikas Joshi who came and sat next to me, saying, "Let us see how we can solve this problem your way". He made me aware about new terminologies, and at the same time assured me that there is not only one, but multiple ways to define and solve any problem. A specific terminology can be good to communicate, but is not the core of solution. He encouraged me to keep learning and keep working steadily and sincerely.

There are even more. My mother who keeps sharing her priceless hard earned experience of life with me, who keeps on mentoring me since childhood and taught to face the life 'seeing in eyes of challenges'. Many of my friends, who shared one or other important lesson with me at every foot step. Many of the great writers, who have shared their valuable experiences in form of great books. One taxi driver, who met me one morning and shared important lesson of life saying, "Life gives us hints about next path. It is we, who want to stick with existing roots or beliefs. Best is to recognize the hints of nature, accept it and move on". There are many more ranging from my childhood teachers to my office cleaner who shared few dews of wisdom from their life experiences unknowingly and unconditionally.

So I feel confident now that I got so many mentors in life which shaped my thought process, the way I am. And what more, life gives us what we wish for, when we need it. Recently I got Ramesh Dharma as my first formal mentor. Since last one year, he is listening to me with all good patience and sharing his fine tuned experience with me. I don't know when I crossed the formal lines and even started reflecting my emotional side also. But he is managing every aspect maturely and is sharing his best of life experience to shape a new path for my journey.

Thanks to all of my great mentors for shaping my life, my journey..