How to file the Income Tax Return

Disclaimer: This information is only for knowledge purpose and may not be correct at all places. So after initial understanding from this article, it is good to refer to authenticated sources like Income Tax Department web site ( for various rules and procedures.

It is the time to file the income tax return again and we again need someone who can help us in filing the return. Here we are discussing that we can do it ourselves, if we have all the documents available with us for the income and deductions and if the sources of income are not very discrete and complex, like it can be in case of business income. Filing return is not that complex now. To file the return, we just need to understand the flow of filing the return. Once you understand it, it would be much simpler. So let us start to make some understanding of the process.

At first we need to remember the due date of filing the return. It is 31st July of every year. It is recommended that we should not wait till last week to file the return. There can be various unpredicted road blocks on the way, like you forgot to collect any document required for return, or the online sites are down due to heavy traffic and so on. So it is always good to be early.

Next is to collect all the information for your income and deductions. For income, you need to be aware about all heads of income which are defined by IT act. Here is the list of all income heads and the documents required for these