Redmine Java Connector 1.0.0 Released

We are happy to announce the second release of Redmine Java Connector (RedmineJConnector) at It is a Java based client side API for Redmine.

The product was born out of necessity. We were desperate for a Java based Redmine Client library which can help us to interact with Redmine from our projects. However we were not able to find any library matching to such requirements at that time. So this product is the result of this requirement, and now we are using it with our projects also.

RedmineJConnector is capable to interact with Redmine Server ( using its Rest API. Redmine provides API for various CRUD operations on its main data objects like Projects, Issues, Users etc. RedmineJConnector helps to perform these CRUD operations using exposed Rest API without going into intricacies of Rest Service interaction.

Features released with 1.0.0 version are: 
  1. Get all Projects and Issues
    1. It is supported with Data Paginator feature. It is an 'iterator' based implementation. 
    2. This feature will facilitate the user to fetch all data objects from Redmine in specific size pages. 
    3. It should help in memory and performance management, which may get critical in case if we fetch all objects in one go. 
  2. Improved Exception Handling
  3. Improved Java Doc
  4. Improved build with inclusion of Java Doc generation and JUnit Test cases
  5. JUnit test cases for all new implementation