What is XML

XML is a strong and flexible language.

As soon as we read the word ‘language’, most of the persons, new to XML, consider it as some programming language and start wondering what all we can create using XML language.

But Friends, XML is not a programming language but it is a language. Language means a way of communication which can communicate the intended message to the other partners, which can make them understand what we want to say. It is like any other language which used to have a grammar to write and read the messages.

XML works in similar fashion. It does have its own protocol i.e. defined set of rules (grammar) that how one should write and read the messages using XML. 

Tips for E-Mail Communication

Here are a few points which may be helpful for mail communication:

  • Subject of the mail should be chosen wisely. 
    1. It should explain the motive of mail, i.e. receiver should understand from the subject itself that why this mail is here and what would the purpose, and even sometime, what is the expected from her.
    2. It should not be too big
    3. It should not be generic like Hi , until you don’t have any other choice after much thinking.
  • Mail should be started with formal salutation. It put the reader in good mood with the start of the letter. Like
    1. Hi/Hello - If you interact quite often
    2. Dear Mr/Ms - More formal communication
  • Writing a name directly to start the mail is not always recommended i.e.
    1. 'Name'
      1. Please do the work as discussed.

Use of Prepared Statement and Stored Procedure

What is the use of Prepared Statement or Stored Procedure? When should we use simple statement, prepared statement or stored procedure?

To understand the answer for above questions, we first need to understand that how database systems manage and execute the query. When we ask database system to execute any query, there are few steps in execution. Major steps are

  • Parsing of query
  • Compilation
  • Execution
Database system parses the supplied query; hence break it to the tokens to understand what is being supplied. Compilation step process the parsed tokens and create the execution structure which can be database specific. Mostly these are the expressions which evaluate the query tokens during execution. For example: