Wings of Fire - Agni ki Udan

'Agni ki Udan' is the autobiography of Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam. This is a wonderful book for the professionals who want to read some literature to have a direction in their profession, and in the life that how to utilize their knowledge and skills for social good and the country and for the Organization for which they are working. He is among one of few great scientist who have devoted their whole life for the progress of science and technology in country. Dr Kalam has shared their experience in this book which may not be able to describe his complete personality, however gives us a brief about him

  • As an innocent boy in the streets of 'Rameshwaram Ji', who has lived a simple life with his religious and simple family, 
  • As a student in college who came from a small town and left his home first time for studies; and then left an everlasting impression on many teachers with his sincerity, 
  • As an graduate engineer who had a dream job in mind however landed at some different job and still made a enourmous contribution everywhere with his passion, dedication and commitment to the work, 
  • As a true follower of Gurus like Dr Vikram Sarabhai, Dr Satish Dhawan, Dr Brahm Prakash, who has followed his seniors with utmost faith and respect and hence manage to change the future of country with their guidance and his efforts, 
  • As an amazing scientist who learnt from each experience and used all of his amazing intellectual power for his country without ever thinking for earning money outside the India, 
  • As a true and caring leader during PLSV and Indian Missile programme who has motivated a big big group of people across the institutions to work like a team with a single and defined mission in mind, 
  • And moreover as a good human being whose only mission was to do good for his country and even now is contributing to welfare of society in whatever mean he can do.