How to Choose the Outsourcing Partner

This is in continuation of last article on 'When should We Outsource the Work'. After deciding that we need to outsource the work, next big question is, where we should outsource the work. In this article, we are discussing few key points for selecting the outsourcing partner.

Selecting a right outsourcing partner is very important to justify your decision to outsource. A good choice can help you achieve your strategic goals and operational planning, however a bad choice can ruin all the planning and sometime the scope to outsource in future. So companies should spend good quality time on researching, and selecting the right partner. Here are few points which can help in deciding the approach to find the outsource partner.

  1. Matching Skills - Look for a company which has good experience in the technology and domain required for your project. Here technology and domain both are important. You will find many companies which can claim to do any kind of project. However experience in particular skills and domain always matter. Moreover management also grow stronger as it gets experience in same kind of projects. So always check the portfolio of company to sort out the matching projects. Have an