How to Fix Common Installation Problems for Connectify

Connectify is a nice free solution to make your computer a Wi-Fi hot-spot. Sharing the internet from your computer sometimes become a basic need, like, if you are at home and your family want to explore the internet, or you are on a trip and won't like to purchase multiple modems to share the internet with your fellows. In such kind of scenarios, Connectify helps you to achieve exactly what you want. It can make your computer a hot-spot and other computers can connect to it like a Wi-Fi proxy server and can enjoy the internet.

Connectify ( is a free software, however, recently a professional version has also been released which will brings some commercial benefits to the company. This progress shows that Connectify development should be active in future also. So it may be a dependable software for long term.

Installing Connectify is easy. The steps are given below: