How to Fix Common Installation Problems for Connectify

Connectify is a nice free solution to make your computer a Wi-Fi hot-spot. Sharing the internet from your computer sometimes become a basic need, like, if you are at home and your family want to explore the internet, or you are on a trip and won't like to purchase multiple modems to share the internet with your fellows. In such kind of scenarios, Connectify helps you to achieve exactly what you want. It can make your computer a hot-spot and other computers can connect to it like a Wi-Fi proxy server and can enjoy the internet.

Connectify ( is a free software, however, recently a professional version has also been released which will brings some commercial benefits to the company. This progress shows that Connectify development should be active in future also. So it may be a dependable software for long term.

Installing Connectify is easy. The steps are given below:

  • Download the software from
  • Run the installer. 
  • After basic installation, it will ask you for the Wi-Fi hotspot name and password using which other computers can connect to it.
  • It will also ask you the connection which you want to share with other fellow computers. It will show you all the connection available at your system automatically . Make sure to choose the right internet connection, which you want to share. 
  • With these minimal information, it can be configured easily.
  • After installation, you will get a small window of connectify in right bottom corner of windows. 
  • Press 'Start HotSpot' button. 
  • Once it is started, other computers in range will be able to see this as available wireless connection in their networking center. They will see the connection with the name, as you have mentioned at the time of installation. 
  • Users can select this connection and connect to it by specifying the password which you have set. 
  • All is good and you can enjoy the internet on multiple machines while having one internet connection.
Till this point, journey is quite simple and pleasant. But, what if after installation, connectify refuses to start. This is a bad end when everything was good in whole journey, however the destination is still not there. Problem starts from here. You need to keep in mind that Connectify is dependent on various windows network drivers and services to enable the Wi-Fi hotspot. So if any of the services or driver is not in good shape or is not updated, connectify will not be able to start. Here are few tips to tricks to rectify the problems:

  • One problem is that all the error messages are not detailed on UI, so you can not know the exact reason of failure from failure message given by Connectify. How to find the exact reason? You go to the installation directory of Connectify and see into 'logs' directory. Now open 'connectify.log' file. This file contains the internal logs of connetify and can give you a good insight of the reason for failure. Once you find the error log, you can search for it on Google and may find a solution. 
  • One error log can be like 'The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation'. For this, message on UI may suggest to restart your wireless device or restart the machine. This error may occurs if your Wireless Network connection is not active or if your driver is not updated. Like in Window 7, Connectify rely on 'Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter' Connection for creating the hotspot. However if your wireless driver is not updated, you won't find this adapter connection in your network connections window. To solve it, go to the wireless device vendor website and download/install the latest driver for your device. Once it is updated, you should get a new network Wireless connection in network connections window with the name as given above. It should solve the above problem. 
  • Some time, deactivating/activating the wireless network connection or restarting  the machine after installation may also solve the issue. 
There could be some problems in installation on different machine, but once it is installed, you will feel the worth of it. It works smoothly and enable whole group to access internet from a single modem. Really fantastic!!

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Installation steps in details with screen shots can be found at

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use "mhotspot" the best alternative for connectify,


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