How to Design the Logo

When we talk about a famous brand, the first thing that comes to mind is its logo. The logo is the most important component of any brand. A logo must be appropriate, pleasing, attractive and should reflect the credibility of Company. An effective logo sets the public image of your brand, and therefore should be designed with careful thought and creativity. Designing a log for your own web site or company  is really an enriching experience. Your logo is a visual representation of everything your company stands for.

Now that you know what a logo is supposed to do, and what it should represent; you now should move ahead to learn what makes a great logo. You should learn few basic rules and principles of effective logo designing. Before you begin sketching, first decide, what message you want to give from your logo to viewers. Try writing that message and mission statement of your  company to help in deciding the look of your logo. Now think around this message and then visualize the logo, which appeals you first.

Here are some additional tactics and considerations that will help you create an appropriate company logo:

  • Look at the logos of other businesses in your industry.
  • Focus on your message.
  • Make it clean and functional.
  • Your business name will affect your logo design.
  • Use your logo to illustrate your business's key benefit.
  • A logo must be simple, memorable, timeless and appropriate.
  • Decide the colors which you want to use for your website. Try to use any one or more colors from these selected set of colors to design your logo. 

Many designers are aware of what things to include in the logo design, but they are seldom educated as to what things to avoid. If you avoid these following mistakes, you will be able to create a logo design.

1. Use Stock Images and Clip Art
Stock images are downloaded by hundreds of people every day for free. Using them can severely devalue a company and then there is the ever rising risk of copyright infringement.

2. Use Multiple Colors
Colors make a logo look more appealing and vibrant. However, also consider that using too many colors can put strain to viewers.

3. Color Combination
If you choose a bad color combination for your design it will leave a bad impression on viewers and people will not like it. If you are bad in color selection, try some colors and designing applications online which can help you to visualize the effects of colors.

4. Complicated
Logo design itself is a simple way to represent a company or a business so it has to simple, attractive and unique. Don’t make Complicated logos. Avoid using special effects.

5.Vector is Better
Most of time we do a mistake by not making vector format of logo. Making logo in low resolution can be usable only on few places like on website or on web banners. However, always make vector and high resolution designs for your logo.

One of the most important things is readability. When a user visits a web site, the first thing that attract them is logo. And for some reason, the first place we human being look is the upper left hand corner of a site. So logo should be readable and appealing to eyes.

Following are some very useful and beautiful logo designs, which will not only help you to design a logo but also motivate you greatly.

Logo can be live, i.e. it can be changed or modified to next level as you move on. Following are some of the good examples of live logos, where their owners change the logos with time:

To design a logo you need tools and more you need is imagination.Following are some of the free available logo designer tools online, you can also find many more on internet:


Enjoy the Logo designing and Logo!!

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