Redmine Java Connector is capable to interact with Redmine( Server using its Rest API. Redmine provides API for various CRUD operations on Projects, Issues, and Users etc. This connector helps to interact with this API using Java based Connector API, without going into details of Redmine Rest API. System picks its various configuration like Server Address, and Security Key etc from configuration file. Its build is based on ANT.

Sample Code: You can find the sample code with Test Case

Documentation: Run the build with 'javadoc' target, and you will get the documentation in 'javadocs' folder. Other documents can be found in docs folder. Refer to 'readme.txt' for initial information.

Various dependencies are:
  • Redmine - Version 1.1.0 or above
  • ANT - For building the application
  • JIBX - For Java to XML and XML to Java conversion
  • Restlet - For accessing Rest API of Redmine
  • Commons Logging and Log4J - For Logging purpose
  • Junit - For test cases

System is developed on Java, hence should be able to run on all platforms. However it is tested on Windows environment with Java 6.

Download it from:

Read more about RedmineJConnector at: