When should We Outsource the Work

Outsourcing the work and choosing an outsourcing partner is an important decision. Here we should be clear why are we doing the outsourcing. The first point generally comes in mind is that outsourcing is done to save the money by outsourcing the work to some company which can do it cheaper. However, this is not the first motive of outsourcing. Outsourcing is/should be done for strategic benefits keeping in mind the strategic directions of Organization goals. Here are few points explaining these factors:
  • When we don't have required expertise- It is a good idea to outsource the work when we don't have the required expertise. Then outsourcing to a right partner, who has the required expertise in that specific field, can help a lot. Otherwise, we shall be investing a lot in learning new skills and keep on building the expertise for that domain which may not be useful in longer term as per the strategic direction. Moreover, we are not sure that how good we shall be able to perform in initial days of learning. That can cost us our valuable time along with investment of money and still may result in loosing the opportunity window due to delay in achieving the right level of expertise. So outsourcing is useful when we find some tasks which is not in line of our strategy and skill building is demanding a good amount of investment. Here outsourcing that piece of work to a partner which has proven track record in doing that kind of assignment can actually help you to move faster and utilize your time for core activities of your Organization.
  • Flexibility in Resource Ownership- If we need any expert for some specific assignment for short duration, then outsourcing can be a good option to have an expert on board without owing the liability to keep him for long term with you, when you really don't need those skills after completing the current assignment. It gives us the flexibility to invest more on resources which we wants with us for long term and still have the required expertise in the project execution whenever it is required. 
  • Avoid Management Overheads - Owning the resource in team is not only takes the monetary inputs, but you need to invest in management of those resources. Managing the resources itself consumes a lot of energy and time. So if you have more critical work on your TODO list, or more critical projects which are important for achieving the strategic direction of Organization, then best thing is to focus on core projects and activities and outsource the non-core activities. This will actually brings you the required adhoc management skills on board, as outsourcing partner will be having its own management in place which will be experienced in managing that specific resource on the given assignments. So now you can invest the saved time in important activities.
  • Saving of Time and of-course money also - Outsourcing saves a lot of time from your precious limited time which you can very well spent on core activities of your Organization; and time is the biggest asset here. Once you identify how to best utilize the outsourcing, you will be able to invest your valuable time to those activities which are actually adding long term values to Organization operations and can easily delegate the trivial or short term assignments to outsourcing partners. Moreover, if you are outsourcing the work to some comparatively cheaper market, it can also save you some quick money. However this should not be the only motive actually till other parameters are not matching.
Now following these points, if we are clear and get enough understanding that when and what we should outsource, then next point is to choose a right outsourcing partner. That is the next important point and can actually decide the direction of whole outsourcing experience. It can actually instill the confidence in you for outsourcing and can help you to make your strategy around this, or can push you back with some bitter taste in mouth and can force you to re-think everything from start again.We shall discuss more about this in our next article. Stay tuned please.

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Outsource Effectively said...

A very helpful post!
Finding that perfect timing when to outsource is important. You have to figure out what things that you need to focus on and set aside the things that could be done by someone else that takes a lot of your time. Time is worth more than money. You need to budget your time wisely and be productive.
It's not too late to learn more about outsourcing, you could read some articles with tips and advice. Know how to outsource effectively, for you to earn more money. :)

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