Libraries for PHP Enterprise Level Applications

Following is the list of tools 'good' for Enterprise Level PHP Application:

  • Zend – Framework – Collection of libraries and components in PHP – Best suited and recommended for enterprise level projects (
  • ExtJS -  Java Script Library – Will be used mainly for Portal look of dashboards (
  • Phing – Build Tool for PHP Projects – Will be used for build environment of project (
  • Zend Test with PHPUnit – Unit Test Case framework for PHP projects – Will be used for unit test cases (
  • Zend Log or Log4PHP or Pear Logger – Logging Tool (, OR
  • Eclipse PDT with Zend Eclipse Extensions – As development IDE (, AND
  • Tomcat as web server
  • Zend DOJO Library, Scriptaculous – For Java Script Components and various effects at UI
  • Zend SOAP library – For web services / SOAP handling in project
  • Zend ACL library – For Authorization on various resources, roles based security
  • Zend Auth Library – For HTTP or LDAP based Authentication
  • Zend Cache – For caching various resources and optimization of system speed
  • Zend Config – For maintaining the configuration of the applications
  • Zend Controller and Front Controller – As controller in the application (MVC)
  • Zend DB or Pear DB library – For database accessor (DAO)
  • Zend Locale – For localization
  • Zend Mail – For mailing functionality
  • Zend Paginator – For Pagination in application
  • Zend PDF or Issuu PDF Reader if it can be used – For PDF library (
  • Zend Search – For searching functionality in the application
  • Zend Session – For application session management
  • Zend Memory Manager – For memory management

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