The Beautiful Mind

This is an incident from my childhood. In my school days, I used to wake up very early in the morning, early means 4 am. I learnt this habit from my mother and grandmother. At that time, I had a wish to surprise them by waking up earlier than them. However, challenge was, ‘How I can do it without alarm clock’. I kept on thinking this for many days, and this wish grew stronger in my mind. One day, to my surprise, I woke up earlier than them. This happened for next many next days. Eventually I realized that my strong wish actually made my sub-conscious mind to help me in waking me up at a specific time. Sub-conscious mind is capable to understand the time. Then I experimented by setting different times and that worked. I utilized this amazing power of mind many a times during my college days too.

This is the power of our sub-conscious mind. A small 3 pound organ, but having 1 trillion cells, and 100 billion neurons. It has 10 to the power 1 million ways of wiring itself and can store 1000 TB of information. I still have only 1 TB of external disk. Further, it can process 10 to the power 13 operations per second. Amazing speed. Slowest information speed in mind is around 260 mph, faster than most of the fast cars. We have this kind of powerful organ with us, which if utilized properly, can do amazing things. However, power is good as long as it is in control. Uncontrolled mind can also do ‘not so good’ things. How, let us understand with an example of Robot (equivalent to sub-conscious mind).

Suppose we have an intelligent, self-learner robot. It is being programmed to serve us. One of the important task assigned to it is, to defend us from all external threats and also to give us suggestion in case of any problem. It is doing its duty very well by taking a fight with attackers. Intensity of fight is specified by us.

Now visualize a scenario when this Robot become more intelligent with time. One day, it decides to teach the attacker a better lesson. So it ignores our instruction for intensity of fight, and instead of a simple slap, it breaks the hand of attacker. Although it is doing all that for you, but now it is acting in autonomous mode and hence can take decision which can create problem in real life. This is how our mind does many of the times. That’s why many a times, we overreact to situation, which is not good. Robot is good as long as it is in your control and following your instructions.

Let us take this example bit further. We are becoming more and more dependent on this intelligent Robot. Robot is supreme for us now and we start following it blindly. Why not, Robot is helping us for everything and making our life easy. Robot is also becoming more intelligent with every passing day. Now it starts enjoying tackling the problems or challenges. It also starts realizing that it has value till there is a problem to tackle. Without a problem to deal, its supremacy may be in danger. Hence, when there is no problem or external threat to deal with, Robot decides to give the false alarms (to keep itself relevant). It starts telling us lie, imaginary stories, or stories of past threats so that we can always be in defensive mode and keep following up the Robot.

This is what our mind does to us. It creates story and tell us lie many times. It won’t allow us to forget any unpleasant experience, if it is in autonomous mode. It keep on pushing such things to us from past or sometimes from surroundings which can put us back in defensive, or attack mode. Moreover, it is so powerful that it even won’t allow us to realize that we are not controlling the mind, rather it is controlling us. Many a times, we are just seeing, feeling, or performing all actions mechanically; what sub-conscious mind is asking us to do. Imagine sometimes you wake up in morning and starts getting angry without any genuine reason. That happens to most of us. These traits of our mind make us to overreact, defend ourselves sometime un-necessarily, think negative scenarios too much, and have urge to argue without any good reason. We become angry when there is no good reason to be angry. We become depressed for an event, which happened 10 years back, which does not have any relevance in present. Many times if we stop, take a good long breath, we realize that situation was not that worst, but we never stops.

So this powerful and beautiful mind is good enough till we have control on it, till we are commanding it. Now the big question is how to control the mind. Is that possible.

It is very hard to tame the mind. For example, can we ask our mind to stop thinking even for few seconds. Try it, if not impossible, it is not easy either. More you try to stop your mind from thinking, more it will run further. However, there are many good ways to regain control from your sub-conscious mind, like meditation, focusing, listening to music, believe in yourself, joy of giving and many more. One of the easiest approach is, to observe your mind. Just stand as an observer and observe what your mind is doing. Don’t interfere. Don’t judge anything. Just observe. Try it anytime in day, you may find your mind thoughtless for few seconds. Initially it will be for very small duration, however, sooner it would be for long duration. If you finding it difficult, initially starts doing inventory of your thoughts and actions after a specific period with an aim to move it towards real time observation. More you will observe your mind in real time, more you will be in present. Being in Present is one of the important tool to control your mind. More you will observe this Robot, it will become increasingly difficult for Robot to tell you lie. It will become conscious. Your conscious mind will be in command, and sub-conscious mind will follow your commands. This is when, you will be able to utilize the complete power of your sub-conscious mind.

It will open a new paradigm in life, be it professional life, leadership, understanding the people, their actions, or doing your own work Or in your personal life, in personal relations. It will change the perspective of your life journey. Regain the control from your sub-conscious mind, utilize the complete power of it using your conscious. Learn it more, understand it more, try it more. You will enjoy it. 

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Santosh said...

Very good analysis Mohit, there is an amazing book with same relevance "the power of sub-conscious mind" by Joseph Murphy...I hope you might have read it. I like in this blog the way you mentioned to control the subconscious mind.

Mohit Gupta said...

Thanks Santosh..yes that book is awesome.

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